Ten Projects

art directed by Ruben Feurer

Product website

for a luxury watchmaker


Portfolio website

for a film production


Digital record player

for my favourite webradio


World famous scrolling website

for the swiss television


Digital Art Exhibitions

for internet people

07Neverland Space

Product website

for a kitchen manufacturer

08Franke Kitchens

A drone live stream of a fashion show

for an italian fashion brand


YEAR 2015

Schulthess Gualdo del Re DeLaneau Watchfinder One Day Portray Codecheck App Sintratec 3D Printers

YEAR 2014

Axe Matte Effect Ferragamo: A Hollywood Legacy FENDI Life Wear the Rose: Oculus Rift Connecting Spaces

YEAR 2013

Neverland Space Lexus Amazing in Motion Nissan Rouge

2012 and older

SRF Seidenstrasse Hinderling Volkart AG MSN Visualizer MSN Screensaver VBZ Westnetz Swisscom Sound Of Infinity Rocketfeed

My passion is to build interactive experiences in collaboration with photographers, film directors, producers, technologists, digital artists and many other people. To me, content is as interesting and crucial as aesthetics. I want to create work that is not only following trends and satisfying designers, but rather has a real impact on the people I’m communicating to. With a bunch of friends I co-founded the digital agency Y7K in 2013.